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Business transformation across industries

Catering to industries across domains to help them drive success with our integrated services.


As a customer requires a coherent digital experience with the same UI and UX – regardless of the channel used for their banking. We help you build a robust system with a strategic roadmap through channel integration with core-banking systems along with regulatory compliance apps to support the coordination, management, and monitoring of the financial services.

We strive to follow a top-down services realization by estimating and meeting commitments relative to all our services and provide sustainable benefits for customers and end users in the process.

We offer the microservices architecture to deliver complex functionality and enable seamless integration through simple, universally accessible application programming interfaces (APIs), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Applications and DevOps Automation on containerized platform.


We provide consultation, development and maintenance services for integrated APIs that simplify the process of providing innovative services and opens up existing resources as reusable services for delivery across new platforms, applications and media.

Our services will help you monetize your investments, boost capabilities, improve their product offerings, enhance customer experience, and develop new competitive business models.

We take security as one of the primary concerns and improve your performance by implementing Messaging security & Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for more advanced access control and better security.

Energy & Utility

We aim towards improved interactions with customers, more streamlined operations and greater efficiencies with an OpenShift based integration platform to deliver a consistent environment to APIs, and facilitate their scaling on a container-based platform.

We help to bring in the Kubernetes platform setup for open banking vital for scaling API instances, managing the available resources as per the requirement and also to enhance customer experience.

We also provide premier data analytics platform SUSE CaaS for SAP Hana to experience better data intelligence and drive innovation.

Government Services

We provide appropriate solutions and services to the government bodies by providing smooth flow of services/data between ministries using our containerized integration platform. We help in revamping by replacing the redundant or slow performing areas with efficient application and digital portals for better customer experience.

We follow the top-down analysis to realize and rationalize various services by using centralized and self-service API platform and OpenShift based integration landscape for more sustained development outcomes.

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