Perhaps the most important step to make your SOA/API initiative a success is to nail down the business goals. You could start by asking yourself the following three questions:

  • What business goals am I looking to address with my SOA/API initiative?
  • What should be my priorities with this initiative?
  • How can I better align the structure to achieve my priorities?

Once you have the answers to these three questions, we could help further distil it with the following offerings:

  • Analyzing and identifying areas to work on, to improve enterprise maturity for SOA/API adoption
  • Building a strong business case
  • Identifying and re-engineering existing IT service portfolios to compliment SOA/API adoption
  • Defining KPIs for a winning SOA/API initiative
  • Outlining the game plan and better aligning key initiatives, dependencies, risks, etc.
  • Drafting a plan to leverage Cloud in order to make the assets more consumable & scalable
  • Performing pilots to validate the architecture for SOA/API adoption