During various stages of your enterprise SOA/API implementation, you would need to create, communicate and enforce adaptation of business & technical policies to ensure efficiency and compliance. We enable you to design & implement an effective governance model to realize the benefits of your SOA and API initiatives. This would involve:

  • Design & implementation of an effective governance structure required for SOA adoption and an API Management strategy, including formation of the CoE, defining processes, investments, policies etc.
  • Definition and integration of the Application Services Governance processes with the existing IT governance
  • Planning & implementation of processes, guidelines, tools etc. for runtime & design time governance

We understand that every organization is quite unique in the way it functions – its processes, execution style and even its IT culture. The one-size-fits-all policy doesn’t normally work when it comes to defining and putting in place Governance policies. We draft tailor-made governance strategies that extend your existing IT governance. Our special recipe for you includes:

  • Building a SOA/API business case
  • Designing a SOA/API adoption strategy with a customized transition plan
  • Application of effective Application Services Governance
  • Definition of specific policies for runtime SOA/API implementation
  • Defining procedures for problem/change management
  • Implementation strategy for knowledge management
  • Defining and creating frameworks to track ROI on SOA/API initiatives