Our Mobile Division along with the Centre of Excellence (CoE) team helps enterprises succeed and stay relevant in the Mobile Computing Revolution, giving the same level of freedom to your enterprise and customers through mobilization. We have built several productivity applications on mobile which enable line managers, supervisors, senior management and even the newest recruit stay connected with their teams and processes, improving business productivity.

We have been instrumental in developing overall strategies for mobile enabling applications within enterprises and customizing them for specific needs. Inputs from the CoE coupled with hands-on experience of creating multiple mobile-friendly websites and rich, engaging native apps in the mobile channel has enabled us to create a set of tools and frameworks to expedite enterprise mobilization.

We encourage, support and build mobile applications to leverage the power of the BYOD trend. We have developed internal mobile applications for organizations, Timesheet & Leave management and Employee Directory to name a few. These applications function on several platforms including IOS, Android and other operating systems.